The Hands-On workshop at the Deaf Cultural Center

Three 20 minute sessions: a mini sign language class, American Sign Language, story telling, and a craft with a deaf theme.  This workshop costs $5 per participant with a $40 minimum.

The tour of the museum is free. This usually takes about an hour and includes a visit to an apartment in the museum that is equipped with devices used by the deaf to enable independent living and a 12 minute film which helps in understanding deafness.

In preparation, you could have the students practice fingerspelling their name. You can find examples of fingerspelling on line.

When scheduling, include your name, number of girls, and your email address.To schedule you can either call the Deaf Cultural Center or email our administrative assistant at deafcc.office@gmail.com.

Are you a teacher? Check out the Curriculum tab to see how our Hands-On fits with Kansas State Standards on education.


Thanks, and we look forward to having you visit the Deaf Cultural Center!

This workshop has been funded by the Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund Grant and Johnson County Board of Commissioners. Our thanks and appreciation to them for their support of this project!